In collaboration with Venini, RAMUN Opale recreates the essence of the stunning glass craft of Murano in Venice. The curved contour of this lamp can only be made thanks to Venini masters’ artistic spirits. Combining the spirit of traditional Italian art and high LED technology brings delicate color variations to the lamp’s surface ridges and grooves, adding subtle colors like those in Asian porcelains. All our works are completely handmade and embrace the Italian artisans’ delicacy and artistic qualities.


The RAMUN opale lamp has the same shape as the campanello, but is much larger. It is made of opalescent Murano glass in Venice in three different colors for Ramun. Its LEDs diffuse gentle atmospheric light and its presence is that of a sculpture. Hand-blown Murano glass still uses ancient craft techniques that date back to its origins in the Middle Ages, making it one of the most precious and beautiful materials of all Europe. The “opale” lamp is made on the island of Murano in the historical Venini factory, one of Italy’s most illustrious manufacturers. “opale” was produced in a limited series , signed and numbered by Alessandro Mendini.