Ramun presents the third piece of the 7 Stars Project, the Louise lamp, designed by Jean-Marie Massaud in collaboration with Alessandro Mendini.
This lighting overflowing with French romantic sensibility makes people fall into a romantic atmosphere with soft warm light, candlelight and melody. The ring structure at the top of the light shows the connection with Ramun's identity, and it is also connected to the design philosophy of Jean-Marie Massaud, which finishes the shape of the light softly and gracefully.
Jean-Marie Massaud, who places practicality under an elegant aesthetic sense, has realized elegant and convenient lighting through Louise, and the lighting's functionality with his philosophy shines.


Ramun Louise lamp is a comforting, friendly, romantic and intimate night light.
She creates relationships: on the dining table, as a candle light, she becomes the link between people.
She participates in a romantic and warm atmosphere, playing a delicate melody.
At home, she's a delicate extra or bedside lamp with a very French refinement.
"In her little pleated dress that protects the delicate motion of a flame, Louise lamp brings a warm light on our bedside or on a table for a romantic one-to-one dinner."
- Jean-Marie Massaud -