In collaboration with Alessandro Mendini, Marcel Wanders studio presents a whimsical lamp that emits soft coloured light to create a delightful and intimate atmosphere. Bella is a sweet lamp that emits sounds and can be placed in your bedroom, at a hotel desk or hospitality table for a special ambience and occasion. A celebration of community anew, Bella emits lovely colours and melodies that provide comfort to your family and friends.
Bella expresses both Ramun's and Marcel Wanders’ philosophies perfectly.
Conceived as a good luck charm for Marcel Wanders’ beloved daughter Joy, Bella is a design piece with a great emphasis on quality. As all RAMUN products, Bella follows
guidelines of ophthalmologist and has been tested to ensure the best light for eye health.


Manufactured by Ramun, and creating a small lighting performance at your bedside table, Marcel Wanders presents Bella – a lamp that emits sounds. The Bella lamp creates a fantastic and elegant atmosphere, be it in the bedroom, dining table, hotel counter, restaurant lobby or in the comfort of your home.
This dynamic piece beckons with just the touch of its cap. Upon contact, many distinct melodies and lighting effects are displayed to fill your home space and your loved ones with delight. Further uses, include hospitality venues. Designed with a crystal cut, this unique object is available in two kinds of patterns, crystal and plisse.
“Bella is light and sound made fun. With Bella, we've created something that helps people express themselves in a charming way in order to build friendship and connection”
-Marcel Wanders-