RAMUN amuleto was a landmark achievement in the history of ideal lamp design because it was the first embodiment of a slim ring design using a new light source for eye health. This 51-level dimmable LED desk lamp inspired by surgical lighting represents the pinnacle of advanced lighting technology and provides highly uniform brightness from the light-emitting part. Also, LEDs with this high CRI are found in operating rooms & museums. This lamp does not emit ultraviolet or infrared light. It is certified flicker-free and does not get hot. These features combine to make the most ideal light for study, design, and precision work.This articulation mechanism reproduces a human's arm with a neat, durable structure without protruding wires or springs, proving its unparalleled technology. The bulletproof glass “Stainedpla” is inspired by stained-glass. It maximizes the benefits of the material, such as giving splendid and various colors and high clarity, and flaunts its beauty as an ornamental object. “Amuleto” is the Italian word for amulet, indicating a longing for mankind’s happiness and fulfillment of dreams. Its circular illuminated disk, midsection, and base are symbolic of the trinity of the sun, moon, and earth, respectively.


The RAMUN Amuleto LED lamp is made of three circles. The bottom one is the base, the middle one is the joint and the top one contains the light-crown of LEDs. The shape of the circle is primary and perfect, just as perfect as the number three (trinity). This spatial composition has a mechanism that allows the light to be placed and pointed in any direction. The illuminated disk is like a halo, a magic circle that is not only functional, but highly alluring. The different colors were chosen to imbue this high-tech and perfectly ergonomic object with expressive force, in an attempt to unite imagination, technology and optical precision in poetic unison. When using this lamp in the dark, one has the feeling of being in the company of a playful object that is not merely useful, but like a magic little friend who protects you, similar to a cheerful robot, a good-luck charm.
-Alessandro Mendini-